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    Find Used and Recycled Pallets Here!

    Have you had difficulty locating large quantities of high quality pallets in your area? Verde Trader is the perfect place to find a wide variety of wood pallets from block pallets to GMA pallets to stringer pallets and many others all over the United States. With the combination of our shipping services and prices set lower than the industry average, we offer the complete package for anybody looking to pick up pallets for a one time deal or on a regular basis.

    Sell Used and Recycled Pallets Here!

    Perhaps you've already acquired pallets, but now they're taking up space on your lot and you're concerned about the cost of recycling pallets or disposing of pallets. With Verde Trader, you'll be able to enjoy a shipping service available all over the country and, on top of that, we'll also pay you well so you can get rid of those unwanted pallets while putting cash in your pocket.

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