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    Home to one of the largest economies for aerospace technology, Gilbert and its surrounding area have around 1200 aerospace companies, a number that's increasing quickly. On the note of technology, Gilbert has diversified its economy in recent years to include industries such as biotech and renewable energy. Truly, the city has come a long way since its origins holding a rail line between Phoenix and Florence.

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    Here at Verde Trader, our mission is to provide you with the highest quantity and quality of pallets wherever you are at the best price. Since we have plenty of suppliers in Arizona, our team of pallet experts should have no problem coordinating shipping at a low cost while booking up to several loads on a weekly basis. Reach out today so we can take care of all your pallet needs.

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    Since our mission is to provide people with lots of great pallets, we're constantly looking for more! If you have pallets anywhere in Arizona and worry about the cost of disposal or recycling companies, we recommend selling them to us for rates near the industry average as a one-time thing or if you need someone to routinely pick up hundreds of pallets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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