Used IBC Totes (As is Tank & Cage)

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An used IBC tote is a container that has been emptied of it previous contaminates or product but has not been re-certified at a DOT/EPA regulated facility. A used tote still holds value for many consumers who do not need a new or re-certified reconditioned container, but many are not experienced buyers or posses the knowledge to purchase a used tote.

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About Used IBC Totes

Common Products Held in Used IBCs

Food products, Cleaning Agents, Agg Products, Oil/Drilling Products, Silicates, and Emulsifiers


The reusability of IBC tanks is an important factor to consider when choosing them. Often, totes can be reused a certain amount of times, and some have a higher tolerance for corrosive chemicals than others. Reusability often depends on the condition of the tote. Unrinsed IBC tanks will have residual contents left over from previous items. Triple rinsing is the best way to thoroughly rinse an IBC tote of residual contents. On rare occasions, residual products can be left over. However, a tote can not only be rinsed, but refurbished. Refurbished totes are cleaned with specialized equipment, and this cleans them much more than if they were only rinsed.


Pallets are important because they have an effect on the reusability and cleanliness of IBC tanks. Plastic pallets tend to look aesthetically pleasing, and they stay clean. These can be reused a lot. Metal pallets are durable because they are made out of galvanized steel. The cheapest pallet is the wood pallet. However, it doesn’t look as desirable as the other two pallets, and it can shed splinters.