Rebottled IBCs (New Bladder & Recertified Cage)

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Rebottled IBC totes of any capacity are totes that have had all their plastic removed and replaced with a new liner. This new liner is often blow-mold fabricated and certified by the DOT for the transport of drinking water. Many chemicals and granulated substances are handled and transported by rebottled totes.

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Everything You Need To Know About A Tote!

Engineering and Usage

These IBC totes are built for endurance and versatility. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. The HDPE is a robust thermoplastic that is rated for liquids up to and including 1.9 specific gravity. The resin meets FDA as well as ANS, NSF 61 requirements. It is cleared for consumables and drinking water applications. UV stabilizers are incorporated into the IBC tank’s design, allowing it to be used outdoors for long periods of time. These totes are not vulnerable to rust or environmental degradation.

Why Purchase a Rebottled Tote?

A rebottled tote has a reconditioned cage, and a new FDA approved bottle. The purpose of the FDA approved bottle is to allow the tote to be recertified for Food Grade applications. In the U.S. Public Health Service Food Code subsection on package integrity, they posit that, “Food packages shall be in good condition and protect the integrity of the contents so that the food is not exposed to adulteration or potential contaminants.”

Meaning that a previously used bottle would be insufficient for food grade applications due to the potentially poisonous or deleterious substances that were previously inside of the bottle. Rebottled IBCs come in both 275 and 330 gallon sizes, with steel, plastic, or wood cages. It should be noted that there are rebottled totes that are available that are not FDA approved. All bottles that are not FDA approved are not eligible for true food grade applications. 

Labor & Cost

Because of the labor going into the reconditioning of the cage and the implementation of a new bottle, the price of rebottled totes reflect the prices of a new IBC.

Rebottled totes are certainly worth the price because they can be used for almost every possible application ranging from storing and transporting food grade materials all the way to the storage and transport of hazardous and corrosive materials. Thus, rebottled IBC totes are appealing to the majority of individuals in the market for IBCs because of their tremendous condition and their wide range of applications.

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