3 Wall Gaylords

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All Gaylord Boxes are made out of a corrugated fiberboard material, first patented for shipping use in 1871. This design consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards, 3-wall Gaylord Boxes have a triple layer of corrugated sheets, making them strong and reliable.

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Everything You Need To Know About A Gaylord Box!

Shipping And Storing 3 Wall Gaylords

3-wall or triple-wall Gaylord containers come in a variety of shapes, bottom types, and dimensions. When buying 3 wall Gaylords, keep in mind that they typically come 40 boxes per skid. This means you’re able to fit 800 of them on a 53′ trailer. These boxes are also designed to be double stacked when being used for storage.

3 Ply Gaylord Weight Capacities

The 3 ply design of 3 wall Gaylord containers makes these boxes strong, durable, and reliable. 3 wall Gaylord containers are able to carry up to 3000 lbs of material, making them the ideal medium between price and strength.

Available Shapes

When shopping for a 3 ply Gaylord box, know that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bottom types. 3 ply Gaylord boxes can be both octagonal or rectangular. Octagon Gaylord boxes have double the corners of a rectangular box, making them more efficient for stacking. Rectangular boxes provide a larger cubic space, and generally work with more manufacturing equipment.

Available Flaps

3 wall Gaylord boxes mainly have full flap bottoms. 3 wall full flap Gaylord boxes eliminate the need of a slip sheet with their use of an interlocking flap design.

3 Ply Gaylord Container Dimensions

48 x 40 x 41″, 48 x 40 x 40”, 48 x 40 x 36″, 40 x 48 x 40″

Popular Styles

Full flap octagonal boxes (Additional sides enhance their stackability), Full flap rectangular boxes (Typically require a premium since they’re in shorter supply) and Produce boxes they have ventilation holds along the sides to avoid moisture build up.

Average Sale Price

3 wall Gaylord boxes are the ideal medium between price and strength, making them a highly sought after container. These containers are extremely versatile, and can handle generous weight capacities at a lower cost. On average, 3 wall Gaylord boxes sell for around $10.


3 wall Gaylord boxes are so useful because they are lightweight, making them easy to handle, while maintaining their durability. These boxes are built to be double stacked, but are lighter than a 5 wall box. Their construction makes them ideal for the shipping and storing of bulk intermediate products such as textiles, recyclable electronics, and more.

Types of Companies

A variety of different companies use 3 ply Gaylord boxes for their day to day business. 3 ply Gaylord boxes can be seen in use by recycling companies, electronic companies, and manufacturers. These containers are so versatile they can even be found in use by salons and gardening companies.