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    The economy of Oklahoma City has come a long way since its initial focus on cattle and oil production. Significant efforts for economic diversification led Oklahoma City to branch out into sectors of information technology, services, health services, and administration. Even with these changes, the city still has a large focus on agriculture, with wheat and dairy being produced heavily in addition to cattle.

    We're Selling Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Imagine having access to every pallet in your area with a quick and reputable process trusted by over 100 companies across the country. Our mission here at Verde Trader is to find every pallet available in your region, ensure they meet a high standard of quality, and then find the best price based on thousands of transactions we've successfully executed all across the country. Rather than wasting your time with shady vendors who have limited options and can't as easily scale operations, let our experienced team handle your every need in a quick and efficient manner.

    We're Buying Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Maybe it's the case that you have a ton of unwanted pallets taking up space and wasting away in your warehouse. In addition to selling pallets, our team on Verde Trader buys them and offers a shipping service for pickup. Rather than suffering the cost to get rid of the pallets or just losing the space that they're taking up, let us send a truck and pay you well for used or reconditioned pallets. Together we can save you some money, make more space in your warehouse, and give you a way to dispose of pallets routinely as you see fit.

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