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    Saint Paul and Minneapolis's geographic proximity have led people to call them the "Twin Cities". Historically a major railroad and commercial center, Saint Paul's economy and cultural identity took a major shift over the years due to the decline of railroad and commercial industries in the last half of the 20th century. Notable places in the city include the Xcel Energy Center, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Allianz Field.

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    What if you had access to every pallet in your area with a quick and reputable process trusted by over 100 companies across the country? Our mission at Verde Trader is to find every pallet available in your area, ensure they meet a high standard of quality, and then find you the best price based on thousands of sales we've successfully completed across the nation. Don't waste your time with shady vendors who offer limited choices and can't scale operations when our team is here to satisfy your every need in a quick and satisfactory manner.

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    If, instead of buying pallets, you're looking to recycle wooden pallets or dispose of wooden pallets, let us know on Verde Trader for the sake of ensuring a good price, a large team to cater to your needs, and an efficient pickup process with one of our trucks. Take the first step to turning what could be a disposal nightmare into a quick and easy way to put more cash in your pocket.

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