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About our Fresno California Gaylord Box Supply

The cultural and economic capital of California's central valley, Fresno is the 5th most populous city in the state of California with roughly 550,000 residents. Founded in 1872, Fresno began as a mere rail-station for travel between the southern and northern parts of the state. Today, Fresno is known for its strong agricultural sector and diversity, and is home to a humble but bustling arts and culture scene.

Agricultural production is certainly paramount in California's central valley and Fresno is no exception. Ag is responsible for roughly $3.5b of revenue for the city annually, and about 20% of employment for the city's population. The Fresno area is host to over 1 million acres of farmland, upon which more than 250 different crops are cultivated, making Fresno county the number one agricultural county in the U.S.

Looking for used Gaylord boxes in the Central Valley? Look no further! Our 16 vendors in the Fresno area offer gently used bulk bins in a range of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses, available for delivery or pickup based on your needs. Choose from 2, 3, 4 and 5 walled pallet boxes and take advantage of the low average price of $12.55 per box. Reach out today and start saving on used Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

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Locations include 92648, 32324, 92324, 92316, 92337, 90065, 89408, 89506, 93039, 89431, 89403, 94607, 95742, 95240, 95376, 93901, 93906, 93908.

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Typical used Gaylord Box in Fresno CA

2 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $9.73
3 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.62
3 Wall Octagon Other – $12.53
3 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $11.50
4 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $15.52
5 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $12.48
5 Wall Octagon Other – $13.53
5 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $13.73
5 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $10.23

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