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    We Offer Used Pallets and Recycled Pallets!

    Whether you're looking for block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, or any other type of wood pallets, Verde Trader is the best place to connect with a team of pallet experts dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the best pallet vendor all across the nation. We offer low prices due to the scale of our operations and our ability to ship and manage the logistics of pallets in a quick process where we ensure good communication and a solution for all your needs.

    We Buy Used Pallets and Recycled Pallets!

    Perhaps it's the case that you have loads and loads of unwanted pallets rotting in your warehouse. Verde Trader is also the place for you to recycle pallets and dispose of pallets. Rather than suffering the cost to get rid of the pallets or just losing the space that they're taking up, let us send a truck and pay you well for used or reconditioned pallets. Let's do business together so you can save some money, make more room in your warehouse, and gain a way to dispose of pallets routinely as you see fit.

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