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    Used and Recycled Wood Pallets For Sale!

    We at Verde Trader specialize in all types of wood pallets, including block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, and many other types. Our commitment is to provide our customers nationwide with the highest standard of service. As a result, we offer low prices due to our size and our ability to ship and manage the logistics of pallets in a fast, cost-effective method where we ensure great communication and a solution for all your needs.

    We Buy Pallets of a Wide Variety!

    You may already have pallets on your lot, but now they're taking up space and you're concerned about the cost of recycling them or disposing of them. As a Verde Trader customer, you'll have access to a free shipping service available all over the country. Also appealing is the fact that you'll be paid well for getting rid of those unwanted pallets just for a one time thing, or for as often as you'd like.

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