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    Historically a major oil producer, Tulsa accounts for roughly 60% of the state's exports. Small businesses are highly important to the area economy, having 80% of companies in the city. Tulsa has a thriving manufacturing industry, with everything from ventilators to medical equipment to food and beverage products produced in significant amounts. Usually among the lowest in the nation in terms of cost of doing business, the Tulsa Metropolitan Area in 2005 was rated among the five lowest metropolitan areas in the United States for that category.

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    Are you tired of finding shady vendors on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace with low quantities of beat up pallets? Verde Trader's team is constantly dedicated to finding thousands of good pallets all over the country. Due to the scale of our operations and our desire to maintain a positive reputation, we offer great prices while providing good communication and fast action to ensure that all your needs are met in a timely manner.

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    Is it the case that you've already acquired pallets, but now they're taking up space on your lot and you're concerned about the cost of recycling pallets or disposing of pallets. With Verde Trader, you'll be able to enjoy a shipping service available all over the country and, on top of that, we'll also pay you well so you can get rid of those unwanted pallets while putting cash in your pocket.

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