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    Lincoln is both the capital of Nebraska and home to a major university. As such, education and government operations heavily influence the city's economy. A number of businesses in the tech, agricultural, and manufacturing industries also operate within the area. Meatpacking is a major business in Nebraska; meat and other food and beverage products are produced in significant amounts in the area.

    We Sell Used and Recycled Pallets!

    We have thousands of pallets of great quality in every state in the United States! Here at Verde Trader, you'll gain access to our shipping and logistics team that is dedicated to getting a truck to your area and coordinating logistics for you. We also offer very low prices due to the scale of our operation and our desire to grow and maintain our reputation.

    We Buy Used and Recycled Pallets!

    If it's pallet disposal or pallet recycling you're looking for, Verde Trader also offers these services for block pallets, stringer pallets, GMA pallets, and many others. As is the case with the selling of our pallets, we operate on a massive scale and have no problem paying people well for their pallets, especially at larger quantities and for recurring deals on a weekly or monthly basis.

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