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    Detroit has had an interesting history of ups and downs. While the city was practically the world's automotive capital with the success of Ford Motor Company as well as the Dodge Brothers, Walter Chrysler, and others. While Detroit suffered from deindustrialization and factories moving from the inner city to the suburbs, today manufacturing remains important to the city's economy. The automotive industry still thrives here as well as furniture, metal products, chemical products and others.

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    Are you searching for pallets of a high quantity and quality? Maybe you want to work with a reputable company with years of experience dealing with hundreds of transactions all over the country. Perhaps you're hoping someone else can provide shipping services for the pallets and manage the logistics in a timely manner. With Verde Trader, you can guarantee these things for a one-time-deal or in recurring transactions as we have tons of available pallets.

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    Verde Trader is also a great place for pallet recycling and pallet disposal. Unlike other recycling services requiring you to pay lots of money just to get pallets of your lot, we pay you well while providing shipping and logistics services so you and sit back and enjoy your savings. No matter where you are in the United States, we can take care of you in a quick and easy process available to you for repeat transactions.

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