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    Prior to European colonization, the Baltimore region was used as hunting grounds by the Susquehannock Native Americans. In 1706, colonists established a port in the area to support the tobacco trade and the city of Baltimore was established. Later on, the first printing press and newspapers were introduced to Baltimore. While the city was once a prominent industrial town, deindustrialization has led Baltimore to focus more on a service economy.

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    Are you looking for high-quality wood pallets? Are you currently spending too much, concerned about managing pallet logistics, and/or trying to find pallets as quickly as possible? The staff at Verde Trader can assist you with all of your pallet requirements, whether you need block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, or others. For good prices, prompt communication, and the assurance that you're dealing with a company that has experience in the industry, contact us today.

    We're Looking For Used and Recycled Pallets!

    We also provide pallet recycling, pallet disposal, and pallet shipping. Whatever kind of pallets you have for sale, we offer the right price based on years of experience handling pallet transactions. In addition, we've optimized our process over time to ensure a hassle-free process, good communication, and efficient shipping.

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