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    As is the case with many cities, St. Petersburg's establishment ties in directly with the explosion of the railroad industry in the 1800s. Interestingly enough, determination of the name of the city was made with a coin flip. While tourism is a major factor in the economy of St. Petersburg, a great significance is placed in industries such as finance, health, and retail.

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    Verde Trader is the best place to buy new, used, or reconditioned wooden pallets in the United States, no matter where you live. We offer a huge selection of wooden pallets in bulk, so you can save lots of money, enjoy a quick shipping process using our trucks, and set up recurring transactions so that you never have to worry about getting more pallets.

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    Perhaps you've already acquired pallets, but now they're taking up space on your lot and you're concerned about the cost of recycling pallets or disposing of pallets. With Verde Trader, you'll be able to enjoy a shipping service available all over the country and, on top of that, we'll also pay you well so you can get rid of those unwanted pallets while putting cash in your pocket.

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