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    Receiving its name from a settlement established on St. Lucia's Day in 1566, Port St. Lucie has the oldest place name in the United States after "La Florida" and "St. Augustine". In the mid-1900s, the land in the area was mostly barren with just a few fishing camps until the construction of a bridge allowing automobiles access to Port St. Lucie.

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    Do you have a hard time finding even a few pallets of good quality when you search all over the internet? Verde Trader's team of pallet experts has spent the last few years collecting all types of pallets available in the United States, from block pallets to GMA pallets to stringer pallets and many more. For low prices, excellent customer service, and shipping, look no further!

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    As part of our mission to provide people with lots of great pallets, we are always on the lookout for new ones! If you have pallets in Florida and are concerned about the cost of disposal or recycling, we recommend you sell them to us for rates near the industry average if you need to dispose of hundreds of pallets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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