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    The capital of Colorado currently referred to as the "Mile High City", Denver's geographical position and connection to a variety of major transportation systems have provided the city a role as a distributer of goods to the mountain, southwest, and western states. Denver's position near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains is also the reason for many mining and energy companies to exist in the city.

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    Looking for high quality wood pallets? Verde Trader is THE destination for a wide variety of pallets such as block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, or any other type. We have years of experience scouring the earth for any and all pallets, so we have plenty of availability through hundreds of connections with pallet vendors and have optimized our process so that you'll receive pallets with our delivery service in a quick and satisfactory manner.

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    Maybe, instead of looking to buy pallets, you'd like to sell them for a great price. Due to years of experience optimizing our operations, our prices are appealing because we care more about our reputation and securing long-term deals with vendors than we care about making a few extra bucks in short-term profits. Work with us and we'll even send in our own truck to pick up your unwanted pallets.

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