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    Scottsdale is notable for its significant number of yearly visitors relative to other cities of a similar size. Accounting for 39% of the workforce, tourism shapes many aspects of Scottsdale's economy and institutions; the city has more AAA Five-Diamond hotels and resorts than any city in the United States other than New York City, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Scottsdale's primary employers are Honor Health, CVS Health, Scottsdale Unified School District, and Vanguard.

    We Sell Wooden Pallets!

    In the pallet industry, there are quite a few questions we get on a regular basis from prospective buyers. People frequently ask, "Where can I buy large quantities of wood pallets near me?", "How can I ensure high quality pallets while still getting a good price?", and "Can you provide shipping services for my purchase?". Here at Verde Trader we have thousands of pallets all over the country that have been graded to ensure quality, but we still offer low prices and shipping services in order to maintain a good reputation as the best pallet vendor in the country.

    We Buy Wooden Pallets!

    We wouldn't be able to claim we're the best pallet vendors out there if we didn't also provide pallet recycling and pallet disposal services! No matter where you are in the country, if you have a bunch of unwanted pallets on your lot, work with our team so we can provide great prices for your pallets, provide a team of pallet experts to answer any and all of your questions, and send in a truck to get rid of your problem for good.

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