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    Montgomery, a city rich in history, is home to roughly 200,000 residents. As the first capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery is chock full of historical buildings and American Civil War history to match. Beyond that, the city was a important to the American Civil Rights movement. Today, Montgomery is known for its large U.S. military presence as well as its universities and many cultural institutions.

    We Offer Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Before you purchase another small load of pallets in poor condition from sketchy vendors, let us provide you with a better solution. We sell hundreds of pallets per transaction that are inspected and graded to ensure quality before any sale. We also have experience with thousands of pallet transactions across the country, so our process has grown to become the quickest and most efficient when considering your valuable time.

    We Buy Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Perhaps you've already been through the process of acquiring pallets and now your warehouse is completely full. We've establish that you dont want to buy from shady vendors, but you also don't want to get rid of your pallets using disposal companies that will charge you a small fortune when we're more than willing to pick your pallets up for you while paying you well while we're at it.

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