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    Birmingham was originally formed in 1871 with the merging of three farm towns that would become a railroad transportation center with a focus on mining, the iron and steel industry, and railroading. Since the 1970s, Birmingham's economy would expand and include industries such as biotechnology, medical research, banking, construction, and engineering.

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    There's a good chance you've already searched the entire internet finding beat up pallets on Facebook Marketplace, shady vendors on Craigslist, a wide variety of mediocre options. Fortunately for you, Verde Trader is made up of a team of pallet experts with years of experience selling high quantities of quality pallets all over the country. With us you'll be able to enjoy prompt communication and our complimentary shipping service.

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    If you've already been through the process of buying lots of pallets, you may now be wondering how to get all those unwanted pallets off your lot. Before you go to a big pallet disposal company that will charge you an arm and a leg for disposal services, consider selling your pallets to us for a good price so that you can keep that cash flow as high as possible.

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