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About our Kansas City Missouri IBC Tote Supply

Missouri's largest and most populous city, Kansas City is a regional economic hub with a diverse economy. Although the federal government is the city's largest employer, finance, agricultural production and manufacturing also weigh into the are economy. Chemical products, vehicles and more are manufactured in Kansas City, which is also home to one of the country's largest drug manufacturing plants.

With the production of goods, especially, chemical and pharmaceutical products, comes the need for access to bulk shipping containers like IBC totes. That's where we come in. Verde Trader makes it simpler to shop for the IBC totes your business needs, as well as providing solutions for any empty totes you may have on hand. Whatever your needs are, when it comes to IBC totes Verde Trader has got you covered.

Verde Trader makes it simpler to shop for rebottled, reconditioned, new or used IBC totes in the Kansas City area. Our vendors offer totes in a wide variety, available for pickup or delivery directly to your business. Need a solution for your empty totes? We can help with remove, recycling, or sale of your used totes allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your shipping. Reach out to Verde Trader today and let us take care of your IBC tote needs

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Used 275 Gallon no – $70.00
Used 330 Gallon no – $50.00
Reconditioned 275 Gallon no – $100.00
Rebottled 275 Gallon no – $175.00
Rebottled 330 Gallon no – $195.00