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    Phoenix represents a powerful and diverse economy, historically based on the 5 C's: copper, cattle, climate, cotton, and citrus. While business in the city has, of course, evolved since the 19th century, production remains important to the city's economy. Today, manufacturing is the city's third biggest money maker, accounting for 16.8b in annual revenue. Manufactures in the Phoenix are produce goods ranging from food and wine to cosmetics and medical equipment and more.

    With many food and chemical products being produced in significant amounts in the Phoenix area, access to IBC totes is essential. As business owners we seek to minimize spending and maximize profit, and Verde Trader helps you do exactly that in regard to your bulk shipping needs. Whether you are looking to buy gently used IBC totes, or sell/recycle your leftover totes, we at Verde Trader can help.

    Use Verde Trader to find reconditioned, rebottled, new and used IBC totes you need to meet your bulk shipping needs, available for pickup or delivery based on your preference. Have totes you need to unload? We can also help you sell or recycle your used IBC totes. Why not save and make money on your IBC Totes? With Verde Trader, you can do both. Reach out today.

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