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About our Pasadena Texas Gaylord Box Supply

The second largest city in Texas's Harris County, Pasadena is home to roughly 150,000 residents. Sometimes referred to as "The Birthplace of Texas" because of its significance during the Texas Revolution, Pasadena is known today for its multiple museums and nature center, as well as its annual strawberry festival. The city is also a significant manufacturing hub, and local manufacturers produce goods including solar panels, petrochemicals, aerospace related goods and more.

As a hub of manufacturing and production in the area, many Pasadena businesses have a need for affordable bulk shipping containers. Verde Trader helps you find the used Gaylord boxes you need for your business at the best prices. Not only that, we can take care of any unwanted Gaylords you have on hand by either helping you recycle or sell them. Verde Trader has got you covered when it comes to all of your Gaylord box related needs.

With 17 vendors near Pasadena offering used Gaylord boxes in various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses, Verde Trader is your one-stop shop for all your bulk shipping needs in the Harris County area. Our boxes are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 walled configurations and can be picked up or delivered directly to your business - plus, they come at an average price of just $12.32 per box. Looking to unload some boxes? We can help you recycle or sell any of your unwanted Gaylords as well. No matter your need, when it comes to your bulk shipping, you can trust Verde Trader to get the job done.

Boxes for sale near Pasadena

Locations include 76140, 76036, 75211, 76063, 75237, 75134, 78211, 75119, 70518, 75708, 78640, 78664, 77073, 77477, 77016, 77049, 77023, 77503.

Retail options in Pasadena

Typical used Gaylord Box in Pasadena TX

2 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $10.00
2 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $8.00
3 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $12.77
4 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.38
4 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $16.53
4 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $10.53
4 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $13.00
5 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $12.77
5 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $12.00
5 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $11.13

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