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    Nestled between the Smoky Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Winston-Salem is a gem of the state of North Carolina. Once dubbed "Camel City" because of the city's tobacco business, Winston-Salem was founded in the 1700's and is home to the oldest women's college in the country, Salem College. Today, Winston is known for its many historical sites as well as parks, museums and galleries.

    Winston-Salem has a diverse economy home to business large and small. Many companies have headquarters in the area including Krispy Kreme Donuts, Hanes and others. Though the city's economy is historically centered on tobacco and textile production, companies in high-tech industries have been drawn to the city in recent years. Companies in the filed of medical research, nano-tech and biotech are quickly changing the industrial landscape of the city.

    Need used Gaylord boxes in the Winston-Salem area? Verde Trader has got you covered. Our 10 vendors near Winston-Salem offer used bulk bins in a range of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Pick up your used pallet boxes or have them delivered based on your preference, and take advantage of the low price of $11.97 per box. Reach out today and start saving money on used Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

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