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The largest city in the southeast of North Carolina, Fayetteville is the seat of Cumberland county and home to about 210,000 residents. Settled by Scotts in the mid 1700's, many of Fayetteville's early residents resisted separation from Britain during the American Revolution. Today, Fayetteville is known as the site of Fort Bragg, one of the largest military bases in the world with over 57,000 personnel.

As the largest city in the region, Fayetteville is an area hub for many industries including entertainment, hospitality, retail and more. The city's economy is also heavily impacted by the presence of the Fort Bragg, which creates billions of dollars in revenue for the city annually. Manufacturing has a place in Fayetteville's economy as well; manufacturers in the area produce various products including chemical and steel goods as well as food products.

Verde Trader has the used Gaylord boxes you're looking for in the Fayetteville area. Our 7 vendors near Fayetteville offer used Gaylord boxes in variety of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Browse 3, 4 and 5 walled pallet boxes all available for delivery or pickup based on your preference. Take advantage of our low average price of $12.20 per box and start saving on used Gaylord boxes today with Verde Trader.

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Locations include 24266, 23434, 29334, 28043, 28018, 27932, 28645, 23868, 27030, 28208, 28216, 29069, 29571, 29520, 27577.

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Typical used Gaylord Box in Fayetteville NC

3 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $9.62
4 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $8.00
4 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $12.53
5 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $13.02
5 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $11.89
5 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $12.63

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