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    Did you know? Charlotte, North Carolina, sometimes called "Queen City," was named for the German princess Charlotte of Mecklenberg (wife to the King of England) in 1768! Since then, Charlotte has become home to over 850,000 residents, making it the largest city by population in the state of North Carolina. A wonderful city both to visit and make a home in, Charlotte is host to a number of excellent colleges and universities, museums for the arts, and top tier sports teams.

    A nexus of the finance industry, Charlotte is the country's largest center for banking after New York City. Bank of America's headquarters is based in the city and employs a whopping 15,000 employees in the region! Though banking is a big deal in Charlotte, that's not to say that it's by itself in terms of industries thriving in the city. Energy, motorsports, and the manufacturing of food products among other goods all play a significant role in the city's bustling economy. In fact, Charlotte is the second biggest bottler of Coca Cola in the nation!

    If you've got goods to ship, we've got Gaylord boxes for you. Verde Trader connects you to over 15 vendors near Charlotte with bulk bins available in a variety of sizes and wall thicknesses to suit your needs. Our Gaylords are available for delivery or pickup depending on your preference with an average price of only $12.38 per box. Get a quote today start saving on shipping with Verde Trader.

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