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    Capital of the state of Iowa, Boise is home to roughly 240,000 Iowans and has been given the nickname "The City of Trees" because of... well, all the trees! The state of Idaho boasts over 4.7 million acres of wilderness, a total land area that dwarfs the United State's three smallest states combined. Boise is the cultural and economic center of the state of Idaho, and the city's downtown is home to many restaurants, boutiques and vibrant nightlife.

    As capital of the state, government operations factor in heavily to Boise's economy. However industry in the city remains somewhat diverse, with a significant presence of health and technology focused businesses gaining momentum in recent years. A number of large companies have manufacturing facilities in the area including producers of electrical equipment such as computer components as well as food products.

    Looking to buy or sell used Gaylord boxes in the Boise area? We can help! Verde Trader connects you to vendors and buyers of used pallet boxes at discount prices. If that's you, reach out to Verde Trader and we'll do our best to help you with your Gaylord box needs, whatever those may be.

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