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    Salinas is the largest city in California's Monterey county with a population of roughly 150,000. Nicknamed the "Salad Bowl of The World," Salinas is a center for agricultural production in the surrounding area, the city's coastal climate lending greatly to the growth of various vegetables and grapes. Salinas is also a leader in agricultural tech development, combining it's green thumb with its proximity to Silicon valley.

    With all the products being grown and otherwise produced in the Salinas area, the need for affordable bulk shipping solutions is significant. Luckily, Verde Trader is her to help by allowing you to source the used Gaylord boxes your business needs efficiently and at the best price. Additionally, we can help you recycle or sell any bulk bins you may have on hand that you no longer need. Verde Trader is your one-stop shop for all your used Gaylord box needs.

    Our 13 vendors in the Salinas area offer gently used Gaylord boxes in various shapes, sizes and wall-thicknesses available for pickup or delivery directly to your business. Take advantage of the low average price of $12.66 per box and start saving money on your bulk shipping. Reach out to Verde Trader today and we'll be more than happy to help.

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